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Cribbage Champion Rules

Thanks for playing Cribbage Champion,

I really hope you're having a great time. Or if you haven't started playing yet I'm sure you're in for a great experience.

My family started playing Cribbage a little less than a year before I decided to write this game for it. Writing the game was good fun but just knowing that you are playing the game is fantastic.

The rules for this game are based almost completely on the standard house cribbage playing rules. There is one rule that I have modified since it seems to make the game more enjoyable and helps speed up game play.

The game board shows an [S] for Skunk and a [D] for double skunk. In the standard cribbage rules if a player gets to the finish line (121 pegs) before the other player passes the [D] the winner gets a double skunk worth 2 wins. In Cribbage Champion the game has been modified so that anyone who passes the [S] before the other player passes the [D] gets an skunk immediately at that point and a new game will be played.

And in Cribbage Champion skunks will always be worth 2 wins, so those skunks can be very important.

The rules for playing cribbage may appear to be long and tedious, but they are not as complicated as they may look.

During play the Cribbage Champion will be sure to keep you informed with what your next move is. Thanks again, and enjoy.

Object of Game:

To Pass the Winning mark before the other player. There are a total of 121 available points, the first person to reach 121 points wins. As I mentioned earlier, if you can pass the [S] mark before the other player reaches the [D] mark, that too is an automatic win. Remember a player can win at any point during play, the other player does not get a chance to catch up.

Each win adds to the winners position on the games won pegging board in the top left corner. You may select first to 5 or first to 10 to determine when a player gets a Mega Win. What do you get for a Mega Win? Well, you will get a Trophy.

Keep racking those trophies up, they'll definetely add to bragging rights.

The Deal:

At the start of a new game, both players select a card to determine who wins the crib. The crib will give you an added advantage when counting points. However, after each deal the players switch becoming the current crib owner. To win the crib the lowest card wins. The King is the highest card and the Ace is the lowest. Who ever owns the crib deals the cards 2 at a time to each player until both players have six cards. Then both players look at their own hands and place two of their cards into the crib.

Starting the Game:

After discarding to the Crib the opponent cuts the pack and the dealer turns the top card of the lower packet face up on top of the whole pack. This card is called the "Start" card. It is not used in the play. It is counted with each hand and the crib after play is completed. If the "Start" card is a Jack. the crib owner pegs two holes on the playing board immediately.

Playing the Hand:

After cutting the "Start" card, the player without the crib plays the first card from his hand, face up on the table.

The crib owner then plays a card from his hand, face up as well. Each player alternates play unless they can not play a card. The current sum of the played cards is shown just right of both players' names. During play the maximum count is 31. If one player does not have a card that will keep the count less than 31 and the other player does, the player with the cards that will sum up to less than or equal to 31 must play until they have no more cards to play. The person who plays the last card less than or equal to 31 gets a "go", the card count resets back to zero and the person who did not get the "go" plays the first card.

Card Values:

Face cards are worth 10, all other cards are worth card value. Example: Ace = 1 and Jack = 10

Scoring Durring Play:

NOTE: Any cards that where used during the previous 31 points are not used in the beginning of the next cards to be played. Cribbage Champion offsets cards that are a part of a new 31 point group.

"go" = 1 point

Sum of 31 = 2 points ( the "go" is included in these 2 points)

Sum of 15 = 2 points

Pair = 2 points

Three of a kind = 6 points

Four of a kind = 12 points (WOW!!!)

Straight (the previous cards played can be placed in order. Example 8, 6, 9, 7 --> 6, 7, 8, 9) = number of cards in order. In this example it would be worth 4 points.

Scoring of Hands:

After all 8 cards have been played, the players get to count up the points in their hand and the crib. Remember that "start" card, well, now we will get to use it for our scoring.

Sum of 15 = 2 points (Any combination of cards that adds up to 15 adds two points to the player's score. Example: 4 + 5 + 6 = 15)

Pair = 2 points

Three of a kind = 6 points

Four of a kind = 12 points (WOW AGAIN!!!)

Straight (the previous cards played can be placed in order. Example 8, 6, 9, 7 --> 6, 7, 8, 9) = number of cards in order. In this example it would be worth 4 points.

Flush (Must be the original cards in the players hand) = 4 points. However, if the "start" card matches the same suit as the flush, the player picks up a bonus point. And few people may know that in the crib it is required that the start card matches the crib to get points for a flush.

"nobs" = 1 point ( if the player has a jack in their hand and the suit of the jack is the same suit as the "start" card, the player gets a "nob" for one extra point.

Examples of scoring:

Double Run ( 3, 4, 4, 5) = 8 points --> Two small straights and a pair.

Double Long Run (9, 10, Jack, Queen, Queen, King) = 10 points --> Two medium straights and a pair.

Triple Run ( Ace, 2, 2, 2, 3) = 15 points --> Three small straights and Three of a Kind.

Miscellaneous Example (Jack, 5, 5, 5, 5) = 29 points

Okay so I just showed you the best possible hand, but let's break it down. There is a combination of 16 points for the Sum of the Fifteens alone. The combination with the fives adds to 8 points of Fifteen combinations. Using the Jack offers 8 more points of fifteen combinations. The Four of a Kind adds 12 more points. And Finally we'll assume that the Jack in the hand is the same suit as the Five card as the "start" card, thus adding 1 more point. Giving us a grand total of 29 points!!!!

Good Luck and Many Trophies to ya!

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