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About the Developer

MGM studios - Orlando
<-- That's me, Eric
profession: Software Engineer
Josie and I

I would also like to give a special thanks to:
  • God (for all my blessings)
  • My wife Josie
    • Especially for her patience
    • But mostly for her support
  • My Parents
    • I had to include them or they would dis-own me ;)
    • Just kidding, they're great parents
  • My Sisters
    • Thanks for being such wonderful sisters
  • Jason
    • A heck of a web developer
    • As well as best friend
  • Daniel
    • A great genuine crazy Canuck from Quebec whose been helping with enhancements to Cribbage Champion
    • A heck of a nice guy if you ever have the chance to meet him
    • and he talks so well about his lovely wife Jeannine
      "The youngest looking grandmother in Canada"
  • Ward
    • A great boss
    • And a true friend
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