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Cribbage Champion Comments
Thank you for visiting Cribbage Champion
I originally wrote Cribbage Champion for my two sisters and then shared it with my friends and co-workers.
Cribbage Champion plays a very good and enjoyable game of Cribbage and I hope that Cribbage champion is the right game for you.
I would be really happy to hear from you so please feel free to share your comments.
The comments shared on this page are from so many new friends and Cribbage players and their input means a lot to me, Thank you.
    Your friend, Eric

Josie and I - 2001
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Mo After reading a lot of your reviews, which were all excellent, there were so so many folk, like myself, who would very much like you to write a program for this game for the Tablet so we can all have intelligent fun on the move with your unique style of Cribbage.  

Please please.  in the near future, find time to make us all happy bunnies and I am sure we would all pay highly to have this fab game on our Tablets.  

PS. Oh by the way,  my Tab is Android. He he he.


I know, I’ve started writing a tablet version three times now and then I got pulled away never to finish.  Hopefully one of these days I can follow through.  Thank you so much for your great comment. - Eric
10 5/24/2017
Ed Eric:

I’ve played Cribbage Champion so many times I’ve lost count.  My brother-in-law is a cribbage wiz and your crib tutor has really taught me enough to at least break even with him.

I’ve just changed computers and was wondering if there was a way to get my scores/trophies from the old computer when I installed the program on my new computer.

Thanks for the help and for the great program.
From Eric:
  Thanks so much Ed.  yes, you can copy the files "cmc.dat" and "cmu.dat" from this directory to your new computer.
"C:\Program Files\Fun For All Software\Cribbage Champion"
10 8/23/2012
Jeff Eric, I have bought the game and the CD and play several times during a week, this is the 4th or 5th computer I have owned and put your game on so there are so many years of enjoyment. My grandparents taught me to play when I was a young kid and I always want to keep playing.  Thanks so much !  Also I am getting ready to upgrade to the NEW WINDOWS 8 Pro and hope you do any updating that needs to be done to keep my Cribbage game handy.  I would also hope you do something to get it on Mobil devices like Windows Phone 7.5 and 8, along with Windows 8 Surface Tablet.  PLEASE Eric I want to play Cribbage on the Bus, Plane, Car, etc., PLEASE ! Wow, an APP for Cribbage, wouldn't that be exciting !
From the developer, Eric:
Thanks so much Jeff,
  I’ve wanted to write a mobile version for years but I’ve never had the time.  Yes Cribbage Champion will continue to work on Windows 8 when it comes out this October 2012.
10 7/21/2012
Rick Hi Eric: has been a couple of years since I last contacted, but I thought I would let you know that I am currently 400 trophies ahead of the crib champ. Really enjoy the game now that I am retired.
10 9/14/2011
Terry Hi Eric.

I have enjoyed your Cribbage game now for many years and think its the best one out there.  I purchased an iPad in April of 2010 and still have not found a cribbage game that matches your,  Do you have plans to develop an iPad version?  If you do I'm sure it would be a top seller.  
From the developer:  Thanks so much, unfortunately I have not had time to make an iPad version.  Hopefully if work ever settles down.
10 8/28/2011
Dean S. Hi Eric... I wish to thank you for this wonderful Cribbage software. I have tried many others but found this to be the most enjoyable as it feels like you are playing another person. It has also shown me some silly errors in my counting which your program is making me think more about my counting and hopefully I will soon be making fewer errors. I was taught the game by my mother some 30 years ago and used to play regularly with her but now I live some 400 miles away this is a worthy substitute. I will also speak to my mother about getting the program so that we can play via direct link on-line.
Many Thanks

10 1/14/2011
Mrs A.J.Stephenson I purchased Cribbage Champion some time ago, I'm afraid I can't recall when. Unfortunately my computer crashed and I lost all information that was on it. You should be able to trace it from my email address, I hope so. This is one of the best online cribbage games and as captain of a crib team, I know a good game game when I see one. Hope you can help.
Thanking you in anticipation of an early reply.
From the developer Eric:
Thank you so much, � I will be glad to send your registration information.
10 11/11/2010
Karen M. Hi Eric....I echo all the great comments you've received on your website about Cribbage Champion.  It is a terrific game taught to me by my parents some 40 or so years ago.  My husband and I used to play with them weekly, the loser putting money (25 cent a corner, $1 a game) into a "pot" and after a few months take our winnings and all go out to dinner.  They've since passed, but I do keep up my cribbage game both with my husband in real play, and on the computer at least once a day, usually more.  Some of the opponents are easy....but there's that one that gives me a foot, and then takes the mile!!  Thanks again!! 10 8/29/2010
Pat D. I just wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed playing your game for the last 6 years or so.  I was able to isolate it from a multiple game CD that I received as a gift, as it was really the only game that I liked on the CD.

I am glad that you developed the game, and I don’t’ know if you intentionally worked personalities into the opponents, but it sure does seem as tho they have different strategies in scoring, some letting me win 4 games and then winning 5 in a row, others letting me get almost to the winning point and then catching up and beating me.  Anyway that’s the way it seems to work out.

I have been playing cribbage for 50 years, and by no means am a skilled player, as I don’t pay attention to all those card counting things the pros do but I have amassed a fair amount of trophies from your game.

Thanks again for a good playing game.
10 12/30/2009
Robert W. It's like being in a perpetual tournament.  I changed one of the names of the players to be my brother, and it's even more fun when his name comes up.  We tried connecting to play on line but it did not work.  Oh well.  We're having fun. 10 10/30/2009
R Carr Hi Eric: Just wanted to give you an update. My mother passed away several months ago, but I truly believe the cribbage program gave her some extra months in her life. She sure enjoyed it. I also find myself playing it more often now and am currently at 1223 trophies, soon I will be at where my mother was with her trophies.  This is a fantastic program. 10 5/29/2009
Art Hi Eric!  Your software version of Cribbage is about as realistic as it gets.  I have greatly improved my "human to human" game playing yours.  One question - Is there any feature here that I am missing that would allow me to play on the internet against "real" players?  Thanks in advance for letting me know.
Hi Art,
  thank you sooo much for the great comment and I love to hear how Cribbage Champion has improved your game.  Unfortunately the on-line play does not work anymore.  I really wish I could give you better news.  If there is ever anything else I can help you with please let me know.
  Thanks, Eric
10 4/29/2009
D Scott Hi Eric--
Learned cribbage from my father way back in the thirties who told me it's the best two handed game around. Thanks to you I still enjoy playing the game, your program being a super "second hand".!! The others I've tried can't even come in a distant second!!
Thanks again,
D. Scott
10 4/27/2009
Richard H. I've had this game for a long while now but constantly go back to it. Its
great, the statistics are fascinating and the computer opponent's league
adds an extra dimension compared to other cribbage software. User interface
is excellent and collecting trophies makes you keep coming back for more.
Great job, Eric. I'll rate it at 12 out of 10!!
10 3/30/2009
M. McNaughton I just registered my copy of Cribbage Champion -- It's a great game
-- I love it! (And you can quote me on that)
10 3/26/2009
RaymondC Hi Eric, You have done it for me!

I just received the CD in the mail today and I proceeded with the installation.

I must tell you that everything works just fine and I can also tell you that the MRS. Is more than happy about this situation and is most  grateful to you for all you have done in order to make sure that  things work at our end.

I will never thank you enough for all the time and efforts you've  put in resolving the unsolvable for me. You can rest assured that you will be highly recommended to all my friends and everyone who inquire about getting a program for themselves.

Only wish there would be more people like you on this planet!

God bless you.

From Eric the developer:
  Thank you Raymond.  It's comments like yours and others that really make my day.  Thanks so much!!!!
10 10/18/2008
Rick Hi: Thank you for the CD, this program has been very enjoyable. I still have not installed it on my laptop, but will very shortly. My mother who is 86, has been very active playing cribbage, as she is handicapped as to walking etc., has played over 20,000 games so far and has kept her very active mentally. I am so glad that we found this program and ordered it. It is stimulating and very good for ones mental and physical health. Incidentally, I have played several thousand games myself. thank you for a very good program. 10 1/30/2008
ctxflyer Merry Xmas Eric!

My wife still plays Cribbage Champion many times per day!

Just wanted to wish you and your family a great holiday and than you again for such a great game!
10 12/16/2007
Ruby I have had your game since I got my computer and egames with crib champion on it and just love it. I have over 1300 trophies and never miss a day playing. It as given me some thing to look forward to. Thanks for the great game.
10 11/24/2007
Dennis Still after all this time, I have to admit that your cribbage game software has to be the BEST game/program I've ever purchased in my 20 years of playing with computers. My sincere compliments! 10 10/14/2007
Pete wow, I am glad I found your game. I now have 2308 games played with 236 trophies. LOVE IT.!!!!!!!!!
Thank you,
10 5/20/2007
Roger Eric,
  I have been playing a guy every day at work for about a year now. He is very good.
  I have been playing a lot this winter on the computer. He is not wining very  much any more thanks to your game.  I have not told him about this game and don't think I will   thanks a lot.
10 3/9/2007
Jo Anne Dear Eric,
  I've had Cribbage Champion for some time now and I want you to know
it's the best cribbage game I've had to play.  I just love it, it's really, really cool.

       Thank you soooo much.
       Jo Anne
10 2/20/2007
Robin I just love this game. It is the best I've ever played on a PC.  I read in the FAQ section, you can send me my registration code.  I have another computer at another location and would like to download the game on it.

Again THANKS for creating a terrific game!!
Have a Good Day!

From Eric, developer of Cribbage Champion:
Thanks so much Robin for the nice comment.

  Yes that is correct, you may use your regitration on any PC that you use for life.

  Thanks for reading the FAQ.
  Have a great day as well,
10 2/18/2007
Kent Cribbage Champion is awesome!  By far, it's the best cribbage game I've found.  Naturally, I have to come to the best to make the next suggestion.  Have you ever thought about making a Euchre game?

From the Developer:
  Thanks so much for the great comment Kent.  This is a very popular request and hopefuly one day I'll get the time to write another game.  This will certainly be a top choice for a second game.
  Thanks so much,  Eric
10 1/30/2007
Rick Haven't spoken to you in a long time.  Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your cribbage program.  We just purchased a new computer and Cribbage Champion is one of the first things I loaded.  I was up to almost six hundred trophies on the old computer but now have to start new I guess.  I have played many different crib games, either regular software progams or on the internet and your's is the best by far.  Thanks again for making it available. 10 12/7/2006
Dave this is the most special game ever, my 7year old granddaughter  loves playing it with me and my wife. 10 11/13/2006
Cath Hi Folks!  I just discovered the Cribbage Champion and its as good if not better than Zone.com cribbage.
You can play alone with computer challenges that increase as you win or you can play with a pal online.
AND  ....No annoying lobby distractions .... Just plain great cribbage!   YAY !  I'm hooked !
*spins around on my chair*   and stay safe out there !

respectfully posted,

aka +_whitepine // Omeghan // Piney // Cath  :)
10 9/17/2006
Dave Thank you for the game.  I played about 15 games last night on it.  Had a blast.  Dave 10 8/19/2006
ThatJimGuy This is the best cribbage game I have played. My grandfather taught me how to play about 35 years ago when I was a kid. I played many many games in my life with a good friend and his father, who were both experts, as well as my family and other friends. I have won a few tournaments on the Net. But with all this experience, I still find this game very challenging on the expert level and have realized that I still have a few tricks to learn :-) Thanks for the great software, it was well worth the modest price and is totally addictive! 10 6/10/2006
Rich C Hi Eric,
    I appreciate your quick response.I have done what you said and it appears to be working fine again.
    I would also like to compliment you on your fine creation. I have had many hours of fun with it. In all the years I have been online,I never usually purchase products online but your product was worth it.
10 4/11/2006
Ken I've been playing your Cribbage Champion for some time now and just "discovered" the picture of you and your wife on your honeymoon. Very nice! I introduced CC to my girlfriend and we both just love it. We also are fortunate enough to work together so we play during our lunch hour most days.

Thanks again for the wonderful program!
10 2/5/2006
TC Hi There
Your company is very professional. I never expected to hear back from your company much less 2 times. It is companies like yours that make the world a wonderful place to be. You care and are interested in what your customers are saying. The game that you have created is a wonderful way to learn the game.  A couple of months ago I taught my friend how to play crib and before I left him I  found your game on line. So I downloaded the free trial and he and myself liked it. It IS A GREAT LEARNING TOOL.You have some many options and ways for a beginner to learn. I am playing the expert games and it as well makes me think and also learn new moves. Thanks for all your help, but most of all PLEASE KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
10 1/21/2006
Jim   I  have to say that I really enjoyed this Crib Game. Very well put together.....Jim..... 10 10/12/2005
Ann I've downloaded numerous cribbage games for my husband to play but, this is the first one he would allow me to purchase on line. He's tried the free version for the alloted time and I conviced him to purchase it. He gets many hours of enjoyment from playing and it keeps his mind active.It is really the best! 10 9/16/2005
meyeti I find the game great fun, and it gives me the option of playing my all time favourite card game as and when I like..

Many thanks.
10 9/5/2005
Dennis I just want to pass on an Atta Boy, I love this game and you guys did a great job on it. It is well worth the $19.95 and more
Thank you
10 8/15/2005
R Deilke my patetnal great great grandfather learned cribbage working on the railroad after coming to the US from Prussa in the early 18th century.soooo........
i am the fourth generation cribbage player who has tought the game to his two son and one daughter..
  great program!!!
10 6/13/2005
JP I've been using your software for a couple of hours. I love it! You did a great job of capturing the essence of the game and I will register as soon as I get off this note. 10 4/26/2005
George Hi, Eric,

I received my Cribbage Champion CD only yesterday.  I installed it and was "lost to the world" for hours.  It is great software. Now I can improve my cribbage skills between in-person matches.  I love the sounds and the graphics!
10 4/25/2005
Larry Z. My wife is a totally addicted to
Cribbage Champion. She loves
this game. Thanks Eric.

Larry Z.
(Polish Prince)
Green Bay
10 1/15/2005
geb     This is absolutely the best cribbage game that I have ever played on the computor!!! Where do I buy it in a store??? I never order on line but I'd love to have your game! I've been telling everyone in Maine about the statistics etc..... that you keep track of!!! It is amazing to say the least...

    Thanks for any info... GEB.
Reply from Eric:
  Thanks so much GEB!  Unfortunately Cribbage Champion is not in stores yet, but you may also purchase Cribbage Champion by check or money order.  Just click on the Register tab above and you will be given an option of payment type as you go through the quick order process.

  Have a great day,
10 12/27/2004
Debiko I tried out 6 other games before choosing yours.... still pleased with my choice. 10 7/24/2004
John Hello Eric,

Thanks for the cribbage disk.

As you may know, here in the UK it's a big pub game (& has been for centuries)

I moved from near London to retire here in the wilds of Wiltshire (an Agricultural county) in Westbury.

An ancient town founded by the Romans. (Iron & leather being their interests)

We have a huge Horse carved out of the chalk on the hill outside the town which celebrates King Alfred's victory over the Danes in 878

As you may have guessed History is a hobby of mine and around here we have loads. Glastonbury, Stonehenge and Bath all within 30 mins drive. A big reason for the move here.

In Windsor/Maidenhead I played cribbage very occasionally but here in Westbury it's a religion and a must for all good pubbing chaps like me.

So I have had to swot up and learn to make all the moves

Found the crib tutor very helpful and am glad to say that I now make the discard decision first then check up on the tutor. 9 times out of 10 I get
it right.

I expect to be in "The Duke of Bratton" league team before the season starts in September and have been actually known to win money in recent weeks.

Congratulation on pulling pretty new wife and the programme.

Thank you and God bless.

10 6/8/2004
Millie Hello challengers, I have just collected my number 200 trophy and I
am interested in anyone who wants to join me for a game online???  Cheers.
10 5/30/2004
Kim HI everybody this is a fantastic game on the computer!!!!!!!!!!
I enjoy playing it!!!!
Hugs, Kimberly
10 5/9/2004
Michael Hi Eric,
           You have been so fantastic. This is without a doubt the best crib game I have ever played in my life! Everything is working superbly. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!
10 3/20/2004
Bob thanks so much.  This is probably the best cribbage game I have used/purchased.  Will be using it often (including during a flight to Texas next week!)
10 3/15/2004
wheels Thank-you Daniel Paquet for you quick response to my e-mail request. The game now works perfectly. I enjoy your Cribbage game so much. I could not wait to play it again.
- Steve
10 1/12/2004
Debi hi  this is  one  of  the  best   sites  on the web.  My  husband and  i  have  been  playin  crib  a long time  and are  refugees  from  worldplay crib.  it  would  be nice  if you could set   this up to play partners  we  could get a lot of people from 10 12/20/2003
Clive Hello
This game is great! Perfect for the long, dark winter nights here in Scotland.  I really feel that the computer is not cheating.

10 12/7/2003
John P Your cribbage app has become the most popular game in the house!  
  Great job.
10 11/25/2003
Bill M Eric: You are THE MAN.  Cribbage is the ultimate non-violent one-on-one competition, and after five trophies vs. five players, I must say that yours is the ultimite solo game.  I have a cribbage-head friend living 900 miles to the north. I'll be hosting s 10 10/5/2003
Brad 5 Yen I just wanted to say, that CC is an excellent game. My friend and I just started playing cribbage, and of the handful of games we tried, yours was easily the best. So we both registered it.
10 9/14/2003
10 8/17/2003
Millie Hello players . . . I want everyone to know that Eric has the best cribbage game in the world!!
I now have 100 trophies and I'm just getting started;  also a few months ago I had a 29 hand so I printed the screen image and sent it to Eric for proof.  How
10 8/3/2003
Russell Hi Eric, just received the cd today, very nicely done, been having a lot of enjoyment with this game, best crib game on the net for sure.
10 8/1/2003
DJ SIMON The best and most realistic game game i have played on pc 10 7/18/2003
sheila Hi All,  I really enjoy this game, it's the best cribbage game I've found yet.  I keep telling my friends about this game and they all agree it's definitely habait forming.    Thanks all. 10 7/16/2003
Chuck D. Just wanted you to know I think you have a GREAT game and are really special for allowing people to share it with their families.  My dad taught me to play cribbage when I was 6 and I sent him a copy!  I really love your game!  Keep it up! 10 6/4/2003
Donna If you enjoy card games there is absolutely nothing not to love about Cribbage Champion. I have some friends who have played many internet cribbage games, but love your version the most. So, congratulations on developing this great game.
Best wishes
10 6/2/2003
Bob On behalf of my wife and myself, we want to thank you very much for the cribbage game.
           We are both in our late sixty's , we both love playing cards on
the computer and this was the best game we could find to play.
           (this way we
10 5/30/2003
Hanson's We were having problems with installing the game.  Eric was wonderful in helping us to get it loaded and walking us through the process.  We didn't get in on the first or second time, but Eric stayed with us and went out of his way to make sure that we we 10 3/20/2003
Ron K. Hi Eric, I just wanted to say thanks for creating such a great version of cribbage for the PC. I've played cribbage for many years and during those years I've tried every cribbage game I could find. ---Cribbage Champion is simply the best--- For folks tha 10 3/14/2003
Terry B Eric , just want to relate the sentiment that I wrote in the email to you. I have been working and playing with computers for 11 years I even have done some programming in the past although it wasn't for me I really acheived a deep appreciation for what i 10 2/20/2003
Eric Developer of Cribbage Champion Thanks Tom!
  That really means a lot.  I've been thinking about making a second game but first there are a few more enhancements I hope to make to Cribbage Champion like "Muggins".  It's really neat to think a game I originally wrote for my sisters and
10 2/15/2003
Tom I am addicted! I can't pass by my computer without stopping to play a few games. I
am the highest score player with 98 trophies!!! Have you got any similiar games? I
10 2/15/2003
Denise This is the best Cribbage game I've ever played, and I've played many. This one is so enjoyable and with all the statistics and background color changes now, it's hard to stop playing.
  keep up the good work!!!
10 1/30/2003
David I have down loaded a couple of cribbage games in the past. None compares to this game!
It has improved my game a 100%
10 1/15/2003
Jim Hetchler Great program.  Just love it.  Playing all the time.  Where are the on line challanges???

Reply form Eric the Developer of Fun For All Software:
  Thanks Jim,
It seems that more and more people are placing public tables on line than a fe
10 1/2/2003
Marcel The best game on the web, do not try the rest I've been there.
Your program is close to perfection. I will refer all my friend from the other sites to sign-up for this one.

       Thank you.
9.5 12/22/2002
Phyl I too have had problems with my pc and have lost my game and I threw my code away.  I love this game dearly.  This is the most fun I have all day with the exception of talking with my friends.  Can you email me my code as well.  I just feel lost without m 10 12/15/2002
Eric Thanks for the comment Phyl that means a lot, and we have sent your Registration code to the e-mail address that you provided.
  If you ever need your code again feel free to e-mail us anytime.
  You may Register Cribbage Champion on any PC that you use
10 12/15/2002
Edward Hi Eric,
     Thank you very much for honoring the Cribbage replacement game.  Your sight is very professionally organized.  I am a retired teacher living in a little town called Haliburon.  It is in Central Ontario.  We have lots of snow for skiing and
10 11/29/2002
Eric Thanks Edward,
  I'm glad that I could help.
  And Ontario is such a great place, everyone is so friendly.  I was fortunate to stay in London and Toronto for a week and I didn't want to come home.  It was during the summer so I missed the snow and here
10 11/29/2002
goden1 Hi Eric yes i still love to play cribbage, been playing 25 years its even better with a pc because you can play day or night, and i still think cribbage champion is by far the best.
                            regards goden1
10 11/7/2002
JOELLEN Not only is this game a lot of fun, I needed support and, believe me,  you get it fast.  The game i great, the support fantastic if you need it. 10 11/7/2002
Peter Hi Eric!

I'm a fan of Cribbage for many years now. As I am living in Vienna, Austria, it is hard to find human players (I suppose I am the only Cribbage player over here ;-)). So I was very pleased to find your very fine piece of software.

Now I've
10 10/23/2002
Butch B Hi Eric, I am looking forward to muggins. That will mean that I have to count up my own hand.  Still playing everyday and loving it..
Again Thank you for a great game.
10 10/5/2002
Eric Thanks Butch,
  My wife and I just bought our first house last month so 100% of my time has gone towards work and the house, but as soon as everything get's settled down again I look forward to completing the Muggins option.
  Talk to you later, Eric.
10 10/5/2002
Marcia I have been searching for a software game of "Sorry". I know it is an old game but I have your cribbage game and we love it. I have searched your other games offered and haven't been able to find one of these. Do you possibly have one? We play the board g 10 9/30/2002
Eric Hello Marcia,
  Thanks so much for the comment.
  At the Moment Cribbage Champion is our first release.  Sorry is a great board game.  I'm trying to find a downloads for the game Sorry, but so far I've only found one from CNet and it's huge.  The do
10 9/30/2002
Lyn J. Many thanks for producing the exciting game of cribbage. I have not played crib for 20 years and am really enjoying the challenge you have given me, and others. Many thanks, once again Eric, for all your help. 10 9/6/2002
Butch Brokofsky I downloaded it, I played it, and I bought it. I love it. The only thing I wish it had was the option where I had to count my hand, it would be a great teaching aid for the beginner.
Looking forward to updates.
10 8/18/2002
Eric Hello Butch,
  Thanks for the comment.
  Also you may be talking about the Crib Tutor.  After your hand is displayed, look under the "Help" menu and you should find an option for the "Crib Tutor"
  This Tutor will select the hand with the highest perce
10 8/18/2002
Nansey Cribbage Champion is the best and most challenging crib game I have found on the net....I love it....it is very addicting (in a good way)....only other comment is, I wish the animation speed could be optional...thanks for a great game...... 10 8/13/2002
Eric Hello Nansey,
  Thanks for the great comment.
  In the options you may adjust the speed of the animation, are you looking to have an option to turn the animations off?
10 8/13/2002
bobby george down loaded game for trial. exellent gameplay, graphics etc.  but every time I try to buy the game I get no response from the computer. I want to continue playing so any ideas would be very welcome. I will get withdrawal symptoms if I can't find a solutio 9 8/7/2002
Blackbeard This is so good I may actually buy it! 10 7/11/2002
Claude Je trouve le jeu super intéressant et très dynamique...bravo !
[ I find the game super interesting and very dynamic... cheers! ]
10 7/8/2002
havojo Congradulations on this game its very addictive and great fun to play and one of the best cribbage games I have come across well done 10 6/29/2002
Clyde M. Thank you for the superb service and support. Your product is a great one and your commitment to customer satisfaction is tops!!
10 5/20/2002
Chiki Babe Best Cribbage game I have seen yet..."Champion" is very appropriate.  Much appreciated. 10 5/16/2002
Koskun I like the game.  I learned to play cribbage almost before I learned how to count.  Though I did use what I learned in cribbage in school (Teacher - "Can you count by two's?"  Me - "Yes I can..  fifteen-2, fifteen 4, fifteen 6...").

About the only thin
10 5/3/2002
Peter W Great Game -- it's the first one that I've played where I thought the computer wasn't cheating.

10 4/28/2002
George C I recently bought a copy of Cribbage Champion and I think it is an excellent game.
  I have been a crib player for years and was delighted to find a well presented, accurate and challenging computer version.
10 4/24/2002
Nancy R Just wanted to tell you that I am so hooked on this game that I have
ALMOST given up Bridge, it is just terrific
10 4/24/2002
CountryChristian Cribbage Champion is a well thoughtout board game. 10 4/4/2002
Mike P This game is fun to play and the tournament mode makes it quite addictive as well. Probably the best computer version of cribbage I've ever played. The computer opponents play "smart" - you'll find yourself smacking yourself on the forehead when they outs 10 4/4/2002
Cory W This is the best computer cribbage game ever! It is very challenging AND addictive. The designer, Eric, included a statistics mode that tracks more statistics than you knew were possible. The game offers twelve colorful card backs and three differen 10 4/4/2002
Lance I downloaded your game and enjoy the way it plays. I generally like the way it mimics real card play, at the same time it plays easily with the mouse. There are times I wish it would move a little quicker (maybe this could be an option), but I think is ha 10 3/15/2002
Daniel Let's now get down to business, and discuss your baby, namely: Cribbage Champion...
It is absolutely the best card playing software I've encountered on the net so far.

Even my wife, who doesn't know any English at all, sat down, and had no difficulty
10 3/6/2002
Ralph What a fun game!  It's challenging, fast and almost adictive.  Everyone should play. 10 3/6/2002
Lori I really enjoy your game.  However, I find myself playing it more than I should.  I usually try to limit playing games to my lunch hour.
I've been looking for a good cribbage game for quite awhile.
10 3/4/2002
Cheri Finally, a Cribbage game that isn't childish!  Your game is beautifully
done!   :-)
10 3/4/2002
Kestrel Best electronic version around.  Love the decks and boards.  Only complaint (personal) is I don't get enough time to play!  But when I do, it's the best.  Thanks, Eric. 10 2/28/2002
Denise I love Cribbage, and yours is such a wonderfully made game. The best that I have seen yet. 10 2/28/2002
Minita Excellent game and very addicting!!!  It is so much fun!!! 9.5 2/26/2002
Dad What a great game!  It's more fun than solitaire and almost as much fun as real head-to-head compitition. Everybody should add this game to their library of games. 10 2/23/2002
Jenn This is the best version of cribbage for the computer!  I highly recommend it  =)) 10 2/22/2002
Charles This is a great cribbage game.  I really enjoy it.  Thanks! 10 2/22/2002
Ken White Great job, Eric! Excellent implementation of the game - it's very enjoyable to play (although it's so well done it can really eat up your time ). 10 2/22/2002
Ward The BEST Cribbage game around bar none!  Two thumbs up and 10 stars! 10 2/22/2002
Carl It is a great game (love crib) and I have nothing but praise for it.
Thanks for all your trouble & Hard work.
10 2/22/2002
jackrabbit This game is great.  If you want to play a great game, you should get this great game, because it's the greatest game I've ever played.  If I was stranded on an island, I would not want a beautiful woman with me...no sir!  I would want this fantastic game 10 2/22/2002
godon1 Hi Eric i have been looking for a good game of cribbage and your game is the best i have played, the sounds make it so good,

                   thanks for a great game..............goden1
10 2/21/2002
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