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Thank you for visiting Cribbage Champion's FAQ

My Name is Eric and I'm the developer of Cribbage Champion and beside me is my wonderful wife Josie.

I originally wrote Cribbage Champion for my family and friends but everyone loved it so much they urged me to put it on the internet.  So far everything has been great and everyone has been so nice.

Cribbage Champion Frequently Asked Questions
1.)   How can I purchase Cribbage Champion?
  Cribbage Champion is now FREE. While the download will still require a registration code you can get that registration code here: Registration page
2.)   I'm having problems, who do I contact?
  Cribbage Champion is no longer maintained or supported. This is why Cribbage Champion is now free.
However, if Cribbbage Champion is locked then please see question #6 below on how to reset Cribbage Champion.
3.)   How does Cribbage Champion advance in number of trophies when opponents are not playing?
  When I first Released Cribbage Champion to my friends and family it became very apparent that the computer opponents had no chance to keep up with trophies because for every 10 games you played the computer opponents would only play once.  So if you win 5 games out of 10 then you will have 5 trophies and 5 of your opponents will have only 1 trophy while the rest will have zero.
  So I created the World Tournament that allows the opponents to play against each other when you lose or win a trophy, thus giving the computer players a chance to win trophies as well.
4.)   Does Cribbage Champion cheat?
  Definitely not!
  It really doesn't benefit me or you if Cribbage Champion cheated.
  I really enjoyed writing Cribbage Champion for my family and friends and the care that went into writing Cribbage Champion for them is now shared with everyone.
5.)   How do I improve my stars?
  Stars are based on your trophies.  So who ever has the most trophies will have the most stars, except when you have less than 5 trophies then the computer's trophies will be based on their actual skill level, but yours will always be based on how many trophies you have compared to others.
6.)   My game is frozen and won't play, what do I do?
  You will need to reset your current game of Cribbage Champion.
You can do so by going to the File menu and select "Reset this game of cribbage".
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